Registration is closed for 2018.
See you in a bit!

Please note since you are all personally invited dancers, the registration order is top priority, because we want to treat you all equally.  If you are the partner of one of the invited dancers, but you are not invited for any reason the registration does not mean that you are automatically in. Thank you for understanding!

Please help us and register in couple. Feel free to use the Secreto Facebook group in order to find a partner. 

If  you do not have a great time at Secreto we will give you back your entire registration fee, but due to the nature of Secreto we have a non-refund policy for cancellations.

NO MORE TRANSFER FEES! You can pay by credit/debit card and everything is already included!

The contribution is 85 EUR (80 EUR (entrance) + 5 EUR (all the transfer costs)) 

that includes
- Approximately 38+ hours of quality dancing
- Fruits, snacks, cakes,  actual coffee, tea, water, lemonade during the whole weekend steadily.
- Afterparty on Sunday evening

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